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Entrepreneur Of The Month: Dreams, Havard & Humans Of New York

27th June 2017

“What’s your favorite thing about your mother?” “She loves life more than anyone I’ve ever known. I hope she doesn’t mind me telling you this, but recently she’s had some health problems. And …

Depression To Progression: A 12 Point Personal Toolbox for Tough Times

27th June 2017

Happy Tuesday, All ◭ Learning healthy ways to move through adversity, a collection of skills that researchers call ‘resilience’, can help us cope better and recover more quickly. Check out the 12 point …

Oprah Winfrey’s Top Tip For A Meaningful Life

27th June 2017

Happy Tuesday from sunny Madrid, everyone ☼ If you’ve ever felt stuck wondering: ✓ What am I doing with my life? ✓ How do I find the right path? ✓ Why do I …

WARNING: JK Rowling’s Havard Speech May Change Your Life

15th June 2017

A wonderful friend (top right) sent me this article from Stylist magazine this morning. This was a girl who lost her dissertation the day before the deadline, rewrote it all that night and got …

Adventurer Of The Month: James Kayll Leads Amputees Across The Atlantic

15th June 2017

The Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Peter Wall, who telephoned the crew on the final stretch of their journey across the Atlantic with land almost in sight, described their achievements as: “The most stunning …

The Travel Revolution: Why Moving To Madrid May Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

15th June 2017

Do you ever contemplate moving abroad but don’t quite have the confidence to take the leap? With such a variety of options to choose from whether Europe, Indonesia or Australia, considering a move abroad can feel like …

10 Top Tips: How To Take The Depressing Out Of Dating

15th June 2017

Hands up any singletons sick of smug Facebook posts? Others’ happiness is all well and good, it can even be inspiring, but it can also make you feel, well, a bit crap if it’s rammed down …

If You’ve Ever Felt Obsessed By Something, You Need To Read This…

13th June 2017

“The root of suffering is attachment” Buddha A wise girl once told me – ‘the one piece of advice I’d give you is never lose your head over something or someone’. I was …

5 Lessons You Learn In Your 30s: Tess Gallagher

13th June 2017

Happy Monday, All. I’ve just read a wonderful article – “5 Lessons You Learn In Your 30s” – which I had to share with the 30 somethings – or the approaching 30 somethings …

Mindfulness Top Tip To Soothe Anxiety

13th June 2017

“If random worries pop up, use a further refinement to keep them in perspective. The idea is to observe them, from a distance, like watching clouds moving across the sky. You are the …

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