T he corporate world is full of passionate and dynamic people. This power can drive great success but without balance and self-management the same drive can lead to stress and burn-out.

This is why forward thinking businesses are investing in mindfulness training. Giving employees the tools to harness their energy and balance it with self-regulation boosts well-being, happiness and performance.

This is what sustainable success is built on.


Combining teachings from Buddhist monks, Ruby Wax and the Dalai Lama with modern mindfulness methods and science, Mindfulness Masterclass teaches employees the difference between mindfulness and meditation, the benefits of mindfulness, live practise and how to apply mindfulness in daily life.

The benefits of Mindfulness Masterclass include:

• Better stress management

• Increased focus & productivity

• Increased motivation & resilience

• More effective communication

• Stronger teamwork & leadership

• Greater wellbeing & happiness

• Reduced sickness & absence

• Higher retention rates


To find out more or to book this workshop, please contact me here.

If you’d like further support fulfilling your personal action plan, we also offer 1 to 1 executive coaching. These are a series of confidential, goal-orientated sessions which help you increase self-awareness, discover tools for change and take control of issues which are keeping you stuck. You can read more here.

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