T his workshop on resilience in the workplace will teach you the tools to handle changes and challenges at work which distract you from your goals and affect your sense of well-being. Harnessing coaching and NLP techniques utilised by leaders of industry and top executives, this training will help you step into your true potential and move from where you are now to where you want to be.


By the end of our workshop, you will be able to apply powerful techniques including:

• Covey’s top tips for resilience

• Breathing tricks that make stress your friend

• How to bust through negative thought patterns

• How to overcome limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck; and

• How to create inspiring goals that reflect your values and skyrocket success


To find out more or to book this workshop, please contact me here.

If you’d like further support fulfilling your personal action plan, we also offer 1 to 1 executive coaching. These are a series of confidential, goal-orientated sessions which help you increase self-awareness, discover tools for change and take control of issues which are keeping you stuck. You can read more here.

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