T he Wellbeing Workshop will teach you the tools to boost your wellbeing in and outside work, maximising your focus, clarity, motivation and happiness. Harnessing coaching and NLP techniques which have helped leaders of industry and top executives, this training will help you step into your true potential and move from where you are now to where you want to be.


Combining teachings from the New Economics Foundation, Mental Health First Aid, coaching and NLP, the benefits of the Wellbeing Workshop include:

• Increased awareness of your own wellbeing and what this is

• Tools to stay well or feel better when you’re unwell including the five ways to wellbeing and the ten keys to happier living; and

• Coaching and NLP techniques to embed positive change


To find out more or to book this workshop, please contact me here.

If you’d like further support fulfilling your personal action plan, we also offer 1 to 1 executive coaching. These are a series of confidential, goal-orientated sessions which help you increase self-awareness, discover tools for change and take control of issues which are keeping you stuck. You can read more here.

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